Life Enrichment Courses

Begins September 14th in the Adult Annex

Below are classes being offered this semester. Please sign-up so we can have books and rooms prepared for you!

Sunday School at Night

Did you miss Sunday School last week or are you someone that works on Sundays? This class is for you! Designed to illuminate the historical, cultural, and biblical context of Scripture. Book by book, we help adults understand and apply God’s Word in a manner that is practical, sustainable, and thorough.

Taught by Judy Fannin | Adult Annex 1C | Begins September 7th at 6:30pm

Shepherding a Child's Heart

Shepherding a Child’s Heart is about how to speak to the heart of your child. The things your child does and says flow from the heart. Luke 6:45 puts it this way: “…out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Taught by Pastor Ryan Goodman | Adult Annex 1F | Begins September 14th at 6:00pm

Encountering God

Approachable ways to practice disciplines like prayer, study, worship, rest, simplicity, generosity, celebration, and many more. Instead of being just one more thing on your to-do list, you’ll find that these habits of faith can actually create more margin in your life—providing peace and rest as you walk closer with Jesus.

Taught by Leanne Martin | Adult Annex 1A | Begins September 14th at 6:00pm

Pastor's Bible Study and Prayer Meeting |  6pm - 6:30pm

Dr. Alton Fannin will take you on a journey of an in-depth, verse by verse study each Wednesday evening. Join us from 6pm to 6:30pm each Wednesday for a time of Bible study and prayer.

Taught by Pastor Alton Fannin | Brady Chapel